Ziza Bafana pays tribute to Mowzey Radio

As we celebrate Mowzey Radio’s birthday today, we celebrate the iconic life which the late singer lived with this tribute song from Ziza Bafana.

Upon death on February 1st 2018, Mowzey Radio had made several friends, fans, and followers within the music fraternity.

Despite gaining the legendary status in its fullness, Mowzey was always open to fresh ideas and it did not matter who came up with them. He collaborated with various artistes one of whom is Ziza Bafana.

Bafana paid his tribute to the former Goodlyfe singer in his song ‘Bye Bye Radio’ in which he explains what a wonderful character Radio possessed.

Radio died after sustaining wounds following a bar brawl at De Bar in Entebbe.

Rest In Peace Radio!

Listen to Ziza Bafana’s song below;

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