Revelers who thronged DNA Lounge to celebrate the late Mowzey Radio’s birthday party were left unimpressed with the way they organized the party.

The bitter revelers where over heard ranting furiously while saying Mowzey Radio needed a much better and more well organized birthday celebration.

They went ahead to detest the kind of music that was played at the party saying they expected new music to be played.

Mowzey Radio’s birthday cake

But manager Emotions Feelingz explained to them that they were barred from releasing or playing any new songs as they had earlier on promised.

However, fans who seemed tipsy did look to understand his explanations and bitterly detested the playing of Neera song urging that there was nothing to enjoy again and again.

Nonetheless, at least everybody who was at the party got a chance and tasted the birthday cake that was served at the celebration.

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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