Widely known as the girl who publicly offered her womb to Wizkid, Laura Karungi a.k.a Ainebintu has vowed to expose all sex predators in the Ugandan music industry.

By all margins, Ainebintu is still an upcoming artiste but she seems to have seen and experienced some of the very worst sides of Uganda’s music industry.

You could blame her for selling her image quite sexually (if you follow her social media platforms) but that would be too judgmental, wouldn’t it?

Everybody has their right to use whatever means they can to make a living out of their passion and Aine made it clear that she cares the least about her fans looking at her as raunchy.

All her curves and sexiness however seem to entice almost everybody she works with – well, at least most men in the music industry and it seems to be getting in the way of her dreams.

“Most of these professionals in the music industry don’t want money but want to deliver your work when they’ve put their shrivelled dicks in you.”

Ainebintu | Instagram stories

It is for the above reason that she has decided to go a little more professional and start writing mini-contracts prior to any development in her career.

She reveals that she has been ‘played by a lot’ and it is about to get bloody because some of the people have some dirty laundry which she is willing to expose.

Well, seems like the bomb will be dropping anytime soon and you’ll need to stick around to see the list here first.

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