Angel of doom – Zari Hassan is proving to be one after she decided to pick up on her old battles with Don Zella after the latter revealed how she is suffering with depression.

The battle of the sexiest? Well not, Don Zella wouldn’t feel as comfortable. We can call this the ‘battle of socialites’.

Just yesterday, diaspora based Ugandan socialite Don Zella revealed how she is battling stress and depression which she claims has had its toll on her.

Depressed: Don Zella

The visibly troubled socialite made a video in which she broke down as she tried to express her situation to her many followers and fans.

Most viewers who managed to watch the video sympathized with her and several went on to call and send texts to the number she read out to them.

As everyone seems to be feeling sorry for Don Zella, Zari Hassan has no sorry words whatsoever for a person who she says haunted her the most during her weakest times in 2017.

It should be remembered that Zari faced the worst year of her life in 2017 when she lost the father of her children Don Ivan Semwanga in May 2017 followed by her mother barely two months after.

Zari Hassan Credit: Zari Hassan

It was within that same year when Zari discovered that her boyfriend Diamond Platnumz fathered a baby with another woman. The year couldn’t get any worse, could it?

Zari states that it was one of the most trying moments and she expected her friends and other people to be by her side and sympathize with her but Don Zella was not ready to do that.

She instead haunted her at all occasions and according to Zari, it was all meant to break her down and to see her depressed.

Zari maintains that whatever Don Zella took her through has turned around to throw her into depression because they are two very different people who share different values.

Well, karma is a b***h, as they say, but do you think Zari is right to bring this up at such a moment?

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