Listening to Gift Maridadi’s journey to battle cancer that started from the August of 2017 with simply a minor pain in his left leg is very difficult and quite challenging, the pain and agony that he has had to endure is unimaginable that has seen him in and out of the hospital over time. Gift just like many others has been battling cancer and the end result was the dwindling of the resources ranging from financial to psychological. He now requires about 45m UGX to be taken to India for further diagnosis and treatment.

Gift narrates his ordeal

When Fred Mwebya best known as UgaMan online heard from him, he was able to exchange directly and deeply inquire about his situation, Gift says the family had been stretched financially and therefore he was left with no option but rather seek online support.

Fred Mwebya also known as UgaMan

Mwebya concerned about the never ending visits to and from the hospital decided to rally Top Bloggers, a community of several digital media practitioners to come on board for the cause and as well spread out to Ugandans on Twitter to contribute. Notable contributions include lawyer Kiryowa Kiwanuka who gave the family 3m UGX separately and former State House employee, Sarah Kagingo contributing about 200,000 UGX which amounted to a total of 1.67m UGX handed over today by the fraternity

Faisal Ssesanga best known as Pyepar handed over the amount on behalf of the fraternity and he cited the need to stand with cancer patients in terms of finances and emotional support.

No one forced anyone, people came by their will for the cause and encourage people doing more charity. Gift is energertic and still positive and this has equally lifted our spirits

Faisal Ssesanga, the fundraising mobiliser
Pyepar hands over money to Gift

Both Mwebya and Mathias Ssemanda who are top executives in the fraternity reinforced the need to always take the fundraising drives from online to the ground. Ssemanda says the experience was heartwarming and such a great precedent for them, he further hints on the need for transparency during such fundraising campaigns.

Mathias Ssemanda emphasises that transparency is key in such charity drives

Gift will be travelling to India anytime soon when resources enable him to, he was supposed to have gone for this treatment in January but constrained by finances he decided to ask people from different circles to support him. Save Gift now, send any amount on 0772318342 (Katungwesi Bernard Maridadi) or 0702318342 (Maridadi K Bernard Gift)

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