Comedian Napoleone Ehmah took a dig at rapper Gravity Omutujju after he went on social media crying out loud how some people in the media wanted to damage his reputation.

Napoleone’s attack against Gravity Omutujju came after a local tabloid published a story of him saying Bobi Wine denied him a collabo and took to his Facebook page to defend himself.

In his defense Gravity wrote saying a few bad mind people always want to find a point to weaken him and from that point he added that he did not record a collabo with Bebe Cool to fight Bobi Wine as others may allege.

Napoleone Ehmah

I am not using my collabo with Bebe Cool as a tool to fight Bobi Wine or whatever I am doing music as a business to feed my family and the people around me but not to fight any body.


From that point Napoleone took him on as he ordered him to do a foot-and-mouth disease collabo with Bebe Cool since Bebe has a song about a livestock disease (Coccodiosis).

Go do a collabo with Bebe Cool…he has a song about a livestock disease (Coccodiosis)…would match well with you. You sing about goats, he sings about their diseases…and the collabo can be called Foot-and-Mouth disease mu mbuzi.

Napoleone even went on to sting Gravity how he sings about confused goats and yet Bobi Wine sings about freedom concluding his argment saying that he was not seeing how the two were even going to rhyme.

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