Why Quiin Abenakyo was dropped as Uganda Tourism Ambassador

Anita Fabiola replaced Quiin Abenakyo as the new Uganda Tourism Ambassador but why was the reigning Miss World Africa dropped?

Abenakyo, without doubt, would be the perfect pick for UTB’s Eastern Tour which Fabiola is set to headline starting today (5th February 2019).

Dangerous Substitute: Anita Fabiola replaced Quiin Abenakyo

The reigning Miss Uganda was however relieved of her duties by Tourism Minister Hon. Godfrey Kirwanda Suubi due to a couple of reasons.

As soon as she won the Miss Africa World crown, Abenakyo was welcomed with too many commitments. Being very busy limits her time and it could have been why she missed meetings with the UTB.

It was also reported that there were disagreements about payments as Abenakyo and her management desired a higher pay check which could not be met by the board.

With Anita Fabiola being the readily available option, it was easy for the board to swiftly move onto the next chapter as they set off far into the East.

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