Since winning the Miss World Africa 2018 crown, Quiin Abenakyo’s life has never been the same and this goes both ways.

With the credit coming in as Abenakyo starts to feel comfortable in her new position as the most beautiful woman on the African continent, her life back home is wrapped up in several controversies.

One of the most shocking is that her graduation in January is not one which she fully deserved as her academic records continue to be questioned.

This has brought forward several critics lashing out at the currently reigning Miss Uganda for allowing to be awarded a degree which she did not deserve.

Others attacked the beauty from the East with various unpleasant labels including calling her a cheat and a not so smart lady.

Chris Obore has stood up in his rights as a Ugandan citizen to call upon a halt to this criticism. The parliamentarian believes that what the critics are doing is ‘heartless’.

Attacking Quinn Abenakyo over academics is heartless. The girl has advertised the country free of charge. Let her make her contribution to the country. You also make yours wherever you are.

Chris Obore | Twitter

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