The Tulambule East Tour is turning out to be so exciting and interesting for a Karamajong man identified as Michael Kerry, who pledged 150 cows for Anitah Fabiola’s hand in marriage.

Kerry who was decked in a white vest and a green shuka made the pledge after a group of Karamajong men questioned whether Fabiola was single.

Fabiola then answered that she was which sparked excitement among the the males who had made a circle around her.

Fabiola and Kerry

Here, Kerry stepped up like a lion, raised his hands up in the air and shouted out a fierce Karamajong cry then offered 150 cows for Fabiola’s hand in marriage.

Before Fabiola could even say something, Kerry bragged how he is a prestigious man and marrying her could probably poise her status to a level she would even die remembering.

What was more interesting was that Kerry first demanded Fabiola to give him a kid before paying his dowry and also noted that he was looking at having 8-10 kids with Fabiola.

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