Golden Band’s songstress, Maureen Nantume has hit at all those who think and plan to demoralise her by reminding her of how she was a house girl are wasting time.

The ‘Siri Ndogoyi’ hitmaker, who is in intense preparations for her forthcoming concert made it clear to all with such thoughts and intentions through her social media platforms.

She furthermore affirmed her statements as stressed that she is not ashamed of it all because it was the Almighty Lord’s plan.

gwenga olyeyo olowoza nti bwononzijukiza nti nali #houseGirl onamalamu amanyi ekyo olimba kyolowoza nti onvuma, nze Nabibagamba kitegeza tekinswaza. Loosely translated as “If you think that reminding me of how I was a house girl will discourage me, no that won’t. I Personally told you this, and it doesn’t a shame me”.

Nantume wrote

Nantume even bragged that at the moment she has over two house helpers at her home.

Kuba kati nange nina benkozesa aba suka muba 2 awaka. Katonda tomuzanyisa, busobola okukya nga nawe nkuwade omulimu. meaning “At the moment I have over two house helpers at my home and you can never know one those could turn out as my worker”.

She added

Nantume is highly recommended by many as one of those if not most humble musicians in Uganda’s music industry and we probably guess that someone had this time round pressed the wrong button.

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