It’s the smallest moves that define our lives – Maureen Nantume inspires

Golden Band songstress Maureen Nantume keeps sharing the most important aspects that have enabled her to live her life. She believes that it is the smallest of things – which seem so hard – that matter the most in life.

Prior to her concert slated for 8th March, Maureen Nantume has consistently shared her life story including what helped her rise from being a housemaid to the position she is at right now.

Now she has a list of the small and yet so hard things that people need to focus on more to hustle through life.

Some of those include; asking for help, speaking in a meeting, staying positive, making decisions, finding time for oneself, asking for feedback, asking for a raise, ending self doubt, working on your resume, among others.

It's not one big move that defines our lives,it's the smallest ones. Have you ever noticed how the smallest things can…

Posted by Maureen Nantume on Monday, February 11, 2019

Does she have a point?

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