Ainebintu poses in a photoshoot

Any ardent reader of this website has seen Ainebintu get featured previously. She returns again but this time not with pictures but rather new music.

There is a new single from her titled ‘Kwata Wano’ that she just released days ago. Different from her earlier songs like “Zzina” and “Kyosaba”, she rather employs her vocal prowess on this one.

However, just like we all want to know the brief inspirations behind these songs and titles, we could not hesitate asking where she could have drawn the urge to pen this one down.

Ainebintu says the love for better sound got her walking up to producer Andy and asking for a beat before brainstorming on how to best execute the project.

At that time, she happens to have been dating someone who did not like her back and hence the need to entice them with the soothing lyrics.

Ainebintu says the budget for this one could have hit slightly more than five million shillings on aggregate but she is quick to note that it was worth it because the feedback she is receiving so far is encouraging and the project has been given a green flag but most music industry experts.

She is also planning to keep the song on constant airplay and distributing it as far as Kenya when she can.

Also off Ainebintu’s to-do-list is finishing her school with just months left, continuing with her modelling career as well being a show host and this definitely is set to be a big year for Ainebintu.

To listen to her latest single, click any of the links below:

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