Lillian engages in face painting, one of the ways to do art therapy

You may have not heard about art therapy, well it is a form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modelling, used as a remedial or diagnostic activity and there’s a Ugandan hoping to change the world with it. That Ugandan is Lillian Thando Naluyima

Lillian currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and is attending Salt Lake Community College to get her associates in General Studies and Pre-Health Science.She currently work as an assistant specialist advisor for the International Students Affairs Office at Salt Lake Community College. She is set to graduate this year in December and then will transfer to the University of Utah, or University of Colorado Denver to get her bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Lillian aspires to become a Nurse Practitioner so as to help people in Uganda and the United States who have inadequate access to quality health care, and to one day build a women and children’s hospital in Uganda. Fast forward, she is also participating in the Miss Africa Utah, a pageant organized by a non-profit organization in Utah with the focus of providing educational & entrepreneurial resource opportunities to African students in diaspora. She hopes to achieve a lot of things by participating such as promoting her Uganda’s culture, educate people about the rich heritage of Uganda, make friends, learn about other countries/ cultures, feel empowered, get scholarships and get a platform to pursue her dreams and goals. To vote for her, click in this 

Lillian draws inspiration from day to day life because as she says, she has seen people with nothing and people treated like they are less than human, the injustices and poverty faced by millions of people every day are what motivate her to leave a positive impact on the world.  In the same vein, her life experiences have taught her that the most important thing is making life better for future generations because after all that is the only thing that really lasts the tests of time. She emphasizes that challenging social/societal norms, breaking down systematic racism and oppression of minority groups, thinking outside the box in order to ensure that all people are treated equally and working to ensure human rights should become a reality not just ideas.

Lillian believes that through art people can share spaces and learn to be more open to each other as a process of healing. The impacts of using art for self-expression can help prevent various things in our community such as reduce rates of suicide, crimes, and idleness, she says. Art can be used as an outlet for personal depression, struggles, and issues that someone might not be willing to share verbally.

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