Singer Spice Diana rallied women to fight against child abuse when she landed on a video clip on social media that showed a woman torturing a baby.

Having watched the full clip, the ‘Bajikona‘ singer was angered forcing her to unleash her other side that most people are not familiar with.

She revealed how she got a feeling of strangling the woman in the video because it was way too much for her to take in.

DEAR WOMEN we need to share this video to raise awareness . If we stay silent on this , the doers will proudly continue doing so . But Why on earth May thunder strike this woman to death . I feel like going into my phone and strangle you bitch, and why record while doing an act like this .  my whole mood is dead after watching this video. Am just wondering , is this a mother , an house helper? Please parents be sure who you leave your kids with . Poor baby , Only God knows what must be happening to this baby’s life . Lord Protect this baby.

Spice Diana
Spice Diana Credit: Oscar Ntege

She does have a case here, doesn’t she?

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