On the 14th of February this year, which is greatly celebrated all over the world as Valentine’s day, had Sheila Gashumba spend over 5.6 million Uganda shillings on her boyfriend, God’s Plan.

This act had social media buzzing on how she could spend that much money on a man and what it was that she had bought that amounted to that sum of money. Well here are some of the items;

Sheila and boyfriend, God’s Plan

worry not, we are here to bring you the full list on what gifts Sheila purchased and how much each cost:

*Original Louis Vuitton Men’s Purse – 1,260,000ugx
*Checkered blazer – 720,000ugx
*Chino pants – 350,000ugx
*Shoes – 850,000ugx

This is according to the list that was put up by Abryanz Collection, the place from which Sheila Gashumba purchased these gifts.

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