A man whose name is more popular than his face – a mystery of sorts hiding in plain sight – but that is not forever. We take a look at some photos of Sheilah Gashumba’s highly secretive friend God’s Plan.

We all have heard the name God’s Plan quite often in the last twelve, or so, months. No? Well, if you haven’t then you’re clearly not supposed to be reading this.

Covered under many names including Stun, Marcus, God’s Plan, we have come to understand his actual names as Ali Lwanga – a British of Ugandan origin.

Your next question must be, what does he do? Where does he get all the money he splashes unapologetically on drinks in those night hangouts and gifts to his celebrity girlfriend?

That will be a topic for another day, probably when we can really confirm the rumors that have been making rounds since he surfaced. We’ll let him breathe for now.

Today however, we take a look at some of his photos that have found their way online leaving it turned inside out:

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