When you find true love, nothing they say against your partner can stop you from loving them. That is the case for Sheilah Gashumba who has refused to bow down to pressure from her online critics.

A photo of her boyfriend only known as God’s Plan, with his assumed official wife and kid, found its way online on Monday evening.

This was welcomed by mixed reactions as Sheilah’s fans and followers defended her position in the relationship saying it is an old photo and hence should not matter now.

Her critics on the other side however noted that this was not the right man for Sheilah because he seems to have so much baggage.

The NTV Uganda presenter stands her ground and defends her boyfriend as she reveals how unbothered she is by the so called ‘online in-laws’;

Lol, but hateful comments can’t change my bank account. So people might as well comment until the world ends. Nothing about me changes.

Sheilah Gashumba

She went ahead and posted the photo of herself and God’s Plan lost deep in each other’s arms with the caption, “Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.”

Well, there you have it. Nothing’s gonna change. You might as well just embrace the young love and let the world rotate clockwise than otherwise.

We wish them well!

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