Don Nasser makes it rain on Ray G following a dazzling performance

Western Uganda’s unrivaled artist Ray G showed off what he is capable of doing with the mic when he put up a dazzling performance at Comedy Store on Thursday night.

Ray G – famously known for songs such as Enshazi, Ninkukunda, Mureebe, among many more others – treated fans to a thrilling night at the comedy night at UMA showgrounds.

Just a few moments after he took to stage, wild screams went up from the crowd revealing how deep Kampala’s party people have fallen in love with his music.

Ray G performs at comedy store

When he started his performance many of the people who had turned up for the comedy show were all forced to rise and shake what their mamas gave them.

The wave of excitement also forced city socialite Don Nasser to get off the edge of his seat and slowly move closer to the stage. He then started splashing dimes onto the young lad.

Western Uganda's most talented singer today, @RayGRhiganz, performing one of his latest hits 'Heihi'. #ComedyStoreUg

Posted by Comedy Store Uganda on Thursday, February 21, 2019

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