Katatumba family sues bank over fallen consul’s death benefits

The Katatumba family has reportedly run to court suing Barclays Bank Uganda for allegedly breaching a contract in failing to pay death benefits worth Shs21m.

Boney Mwebasa Katatumba, a former Pakistan honorary consul in Uganda and CEO Katatumba Group of Companies died in February 2017.

The deceased held a premium bank account while alive where he paid a Shs66,500 monthly premium.

The family’s attorney and Ms Angella Keihongani, Katatumba’s daughter, contend that if the account holder opened the account before the age of 65, he would be entitled to a life insurance cover of Shs21m up to the age of 70.

The said entitlement goes up to 85 years and the family reveal that Katatumba maintained his account by paying the premium which was deducted monthly from his account.

The family is now seeking a court order to the bank to pay Shs21m for the death gratuity for Katatumba, interest at 25 per cent, general damages and legal costs incurred by the complainants.

Reportedly, court has summoned Barclays Bank Uganda to file its defense within 15 days.

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