As days go by, we await for Ainebintu’s career to break free. By all margins however, the budding songstress has already shown flashes of exceptionalism.

With songs like Zzina, Tuzilye, Kyensaba, and her latest Kwata Wano, Laura Karungi a.k.a Ainebintu is destined to make it big.


She is currently working on the female version of A Pass’ London Town song. She talked to us about what it feels like to work with A Pass. Follow below;

“A pass is an amazing talented Artist. I call him artist because he does so many things in the art world apart from singing. I’ve always wanted to do something with him – him and Cindy. I used them as a base for motivation because those were two really important small gods of mine as an artist.

I was obsessed with his art. I followed him everywhere, bought his music, listened to it and learnt word for word where I could, subscribed to his page, everything until I noticed that’s the kind of Ugandan music I’d like to tap into. So I looked for his producers.

That is when I learnt that his writing fee was ridiculous – but obviously worth it.

When I met Andy (record producer) we had a cool connection, got comfortable and managed to record magic on Kwata Wano. I did this because I wanted a taste of A Pass’ creative process.

Ainebintu performing at Valhalla Bar

As I was promoting the song at a night at Valhalla Bar, he sent me birthday wishes on his Instagram and I remember getting a stomach upset because I was overjoyed.

He didn’t stop there. That was followed with words of encouragement, a followback, and some likes. This was a great opportunity so I shot my shot and asked if he could do anything for me. At that moment, I didn’t care what project it would’ve been as long as I stepped in studio with him – he agreed.

A Pass is amazing, professional, talented, calm, collected, patient, encouraging, and a teacher indeed because he doesn’t hide information. He is genuinely always willing to help anyone he believes in.

He is also so clean. My clumsy self was making a mess everywhere because I was so nervous being near such a musical god.

A Pass

We didn’t record a sound track together but I did my own female version of a song titled London Town off his African YAYO album. He recorded it himself whilst giving me enough room to express myself through his song.

That was such a nostalgic feeling. I think I got an anxiety attack after the whole process. I couldn’t fathom that I had reached one of my goal or at least getting closest to it.

My fans and his should disturb him so we can actually do a project together but even this was good enough. I learnt a lot and my life and attitude have changed greatly since then.”

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