Singer Sheebah Karungi of Team No Sleep got engrossed in a bitter exchange on Instagram over some of her follwers over her stage dress code.

It all started when Sheebah, who at times prefers to be called Queen Karma, posted a video of her performance in Mityana while clad in skimpy black fishnet like out fit that got a few fans ranting and exchange nasty words over her dress code.

All other fans’ comments and exchange did not at all bother her but Kayz Bridget’s comment got to her last nerve and had to come out of her hiding and fire back.

Kayz began by asking Sheebah to respect herself and went on to assure her how music does not mean to expose her nakedness as she advised her to borrow a leaf from Remah Namakula.

Respect urself sheebah. Music doesn’t mean exposure of nakedness my dear. Take a good example from Remah Namakula.

Kayz Bridget commented

As if that was not enough, Kayz added more salt into the wound as she boldly told her how she had had enough of her nakedness. She then advised her to act like a mother and keep her privacy for her husband.

Madam enough of ur nakedness. Pliz am jst advising. Anyway nice song but act like a mother. Am jst 15yrs old and what do u expect ur future generations to be like. Keep us privacy for ur husband or lover.

The issue of keeping her privacy for her husband got Sheebah hitting back saying how she was bored by Kayz comments.

Below is part of the exchange in screen shots which you can as well enjoy.

It should be remembered that last week we reported how Sheebah thinks her dress code is always descent enough in her view according to where she is set to perform.

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