It so seems like troubles come in double especially in the Ugandan music industry. Just last year, Qute Kaye was nabbed stealing car headlights and now his girlfriend Pretty Glo was also caught in the same act.

It is not clear as yet what Gloria Ingabire a.k.a Pretty Glo had gotten her hands on, but the video making rounds on social media shows her seated on the ground while being surrounded by people.

They seem to be questioning her, trying to understand why she had been stealing. Allegedly, it was money and merchandise from downtown but that cannot be confirmed as yet.

Pretty Glo back in the good old days when she dominated the entertainment industry.

In May 2018, Qute Kaye survived being lynched by angry residents in Busega after he was allegedly caught stealing lights off a car.

Pretty Glo, Rwandan by origin, used to be one of Uganda’s most talented songstresses over eight years ago. Recently, images of her which appeared on social media shocked her fans who failed to make sense of her sudden weight loss.

Rumors made rounds revealing how stressed she had been and allegedly fallen into the drugs business. Others claimed it was Qute Kaye giving her all the headache.

Whichever the reason, Pretty Glo does not look like the diva whose songs we jammed to a couple of years ago.

Watch the video of her being caught below;

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