In his free time, Alexander Bagonza a.k.a A Pass loves to share funny videos as he interacts with several of his social media followers and fans.

This time however, he took a minute to reveal his thoughts as regards the problems facing the Ugandan music industry which he believes has been messed by competition.

Casually, you would love to think that competition is good for any business. It pushes the players in the business beyond their limits in trying to have the edge over their competitors.

A Pass however believes that such has contributed negatively to the growth of the music industry in the +256.

He believes that every individual possesses different qualities which make their products unique and outstanding.

Instead of focusing on being the best version of themselves for their fans however, musicians have rather turned their focus onto being better than each other.

A Pass believes that such competition kills the spirituality in music and hence it turns into a game of envy which limits each artiste’s productivity.

He advises that artistes should drop the mentality of looking at one another as the enemy and rather unite in genuinely uplifting each other for the goodness of the industry as a whole.

He does have a big point, doesn’t he? On the contrary however, where money is involved, the competition will always be unhealthy.

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