A video making rounds online shows Denzo while having an easy evening chill with friends before being arrested by security operatives – one with a gun – and whisked away in a waiting car.

It is alleged that Sekamatte Douglas a.k.a Denzo was arrested over a debt of close to Shs1.5m which he failed to pay.

As real as it may seem, some critics argue that the video in circulation is a stunt by the former Gagamel singer and he might have faked his own arrest.

Looking at the video, the singer tries to resist arrest from a cop in uniform, holding a gun while others (not in uniform) join in to get a tight grip on him.

What takes away the steam in the moment are the onlookers who barely make a move to save the singer or run for their safety. All they do is look on and laugh their lungs out.

To say the least, Denzo’s reaction when immediately he sees the cops might have been properly scripted from Wakaliwood but he again shows that it’s not really a serious arrest as he stands to fight back instead of running away.

Another loophole in the act is the policeman’s uniform. Do they still make those?

And how timely that the cameras were rolling from the word go? Well, he is a star amongst his peers and one would probably argue it out that it was just a coincidence.

There is a lot more that could convince the eye about it being a mere stunt but why would Denzo create one?

Is it a plan to revive his music and showbiz career? Could he be having a concert soon? Was it a scene in video shoot?

Whatever the case, we shall let you the reader decide. Watch the video below;

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