Controversial Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Kibuli Muslim section, slammed singer Bebe Cool over his attack on Bobi Wine following his blunder on NTV last Thursday.

The highly respected Muzaata threw shade at the CEO as he stressed about how intelligence is not considered on how big someone’s head is.

Bebe Cool, intelligence is not all about how big is your Head but rather it is all about what comes out of you and how it positively impacts the majority suffering the impunity of the regime

Muzaata Wrote in part
Sheik Nuhu Muzaata and Bobi Wine

Before Muzaata chided the Wasibuka Wa singer, he wondered how a person who has never seen as many chalkboards as his nemesis Bobi Wine could get the bragging rights to bash one with more academic qualifications.

I find it funny, if not outrageous, that Bebe Cool a man who has never stepped foot in a University lecture room to study (its a shame), the One who has never seen a whiteboard gets entangled to troll one Bobi Wine who has more reasons to brag about his academic qualifications but chooses not to but instead opts to fights for.


This is not the first time that Muzaata has come out to strongly back Bobi Wine. When Bobi Wine was allegedly tortured in 2018, Muzaata pledged to offer him his Kidney.

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