Luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju was grilled at the Criminal Investigation Department in Kibuli over his shooting fracas that happened in , Mityana late last month.

Gravity Omutujju, who was clad in a red Manchester United jersey reported at the CID headquarters at around midday and underwent a meeting with the officials for a few hours.

His summoning came after he explained in a live video that he was shot at by a security guard but he was lucky enough for the bullets not to enter his body. They only bruised his stomach.

The gunshot residue particles hit his stomach and those are the two plasters that we were seeing in the pictures.

Gravity Omutujju’s bullet wounds

It is reported that Gravity did not feel pain instantly and actually wanted to go straight home from Kasanda after the shooting.

It’s his friends who insisted and checked him in at Rubaga hospital where he got medication.

We are not very certain of what transpired while in the meeting but we can confirm that he was also squeezed about his Ekyakuzala Kyekilikuta song.

When we learn about the information of what was reached upon while in the meeting, we shall keep you updated.

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