A Pass keeps surprising us with each day that passes but who ever thought that he would concede to Ykee Benda’s challenge when the latter stated that he was better than him?

For over a year, Ykee Benda and A Pass have had an on and off type of friendship despite sharing a good music relationship.

A few days ago, Ykee Benda made statements which challenged A Pass to prove his superiority.

The Mpaka Records CEO revealed how A Pass is an ordinary artist who has not only one hit in the last two years and hence cannot match his (Ykee Benda) own standards having released numerous hits in the same time.

Ykee Benda

With such comments, we expected a World War III, but oh well – A Pass continues to prove his unpredictability.

In a long statement through his socials, A Pass acknowledged Ykee’s achievements and music prowess.

He believes that the Singa singer has represented Uganda ta major global stages including at the World Cup, won international awards, and going to the Coke Studio.

In a twist, A Pass notes that achievements should not fool him into believing that he is a better artist musically because his talent is God-given.

My small talent is enough. The fame you possess is man-given and can be bought but this talent I possess is God-given and I was not blessed with it to compete with you but to share it with the world.

A Pass

Ykee Benda will be holding his Singa concert on 29th March at Kampala Serena Hotel.

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