NTV Uganda presenter Faridah Nakazibwe is on the spot again and this time it is the Zambians accusing her of stealing Facebook inspirational posts.

Those long post alerts keep coming through on our timelines each time Faridah Nakazibwe logs in.

Her posts, by far, gather good interaction and we could argue that it is because she has a huge following.

Another reason is that they convey such powerful messages that people want to relate to and use for their own inspiration.

But where does she get them? That has been the big question for too long.

A Zambian life coach by the names Emmanuel Mukula just found out that his deeply thought quotes and inspirational stories are being ‘stolen’ by the Ugandan media personality.

Emmanuel Mukula

Furiously, Mukula has raised the issue and he is joined by his fellow countrymen in calling out Faridah for her hideous actions.

Just checking her wall and she has over 10 posts written by me and she doesn’t acknowledge. ‘Your marriage is not a community project’, ‘How to make your man love you more.” these are my posts.

Emmanuel Mukula

Well, we hope Faridah can desist from going down this same road. By now however, she must have already mastered the art and can come up with something of her own.

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