Singer Lydia Jazmine had rubbished claims from different people pinning the late Mowzey Radio of having a rude personality.

Mowzey Radio wrote songs for several artistes and Lydia Jazmine was one of the lucky ones to share some quality time with the music legend.

Masuuka by Jazmine was written by the fallen singer and the songstress is forever proud to have worked with Radio but what what did it feel like working with such a talented man?

Several celebrities and fans have revealed their personal interactions with Radio and many found him a lovable but a complicated man who sometimes came off rude.

Lydia Jazmine does not concur to that description. She believes that Mowzey Radio was rather strict with his own principles – not rude.

Mowzey Radio was strict and that is what people called . I have seen him talk, write music and record. He was different. He was my artiste. I am proud to have worked with him.

Lydia Jazmine

Mowzey Radio died on 1st February 2018 from head injuries sustained after an alleged bar brawl at Entebbe based bar De Bar.

‘Masuuka’ – Lydia Jamine written by Mowzey Radio

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