Team No Sleep manager Allan Kiwanuka, alias Allan Kiwa, assured the public how Sheebah Karungi will not battle Cindy Sanyu despite the latter pressurizing for a music battle.

Allan Kiwa, the younger brother to Jeff Kiwa, revealed that Sheebah will only battle high profile, male artists citing that those are her levels at the moment.

He made the statements arguing that Sheebah is past the stage of battling fellow female artists because they are no longer her level in the current music industry.

Allan as well advised Cindy to look for battles with the likes of Jackie Chandiru insinuating that those are her levels music-wise.

He went on to add that they can not risk dragging their brand into a battle with a faded and outworn artist like Cindy because they have no time to resurrect her dead musical career.

Allan Kiwanuka’s comments come after Cindy referred to Sheebah as a ‘dummy’ who is just taken care of by her management.

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Solomon Mwesigwa

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