How best do you describe the current situation in Ugandan music? A build-up to the most anticipated music battle, or a mere misunderstanding between two top divas?

We do not have the answer yet but the rift between Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu has invited renown figures in the limelight to the battleground

As the two continue throwing shade towards one another, several other celebrities have stepped forward and taken sides in support of their favorites.

The positive impact of beef among artists in the Ugandan music industry has, from time immemorial, been emphasized.

Former Obsessions manager Roni Mulindwa surprised many when he ditched supporting fellow veteran Cindy for Sheebah who he believes is currently ruling the airwaves.

Sheilah Gashumba seems really torn apart and can’t decide on who to support as yet but she sure loves the return of drama and beef in the industry.

On the other hand, King Michael asserts that Sheebah acted very immaturely by how she replied to the battle claims in revealing how Cindy doesn’t own a house.

He goes ahead to point out that the battle is a good idea but Sheebah needs to work extra hours to perfect her voice and performance as Cindy earlier advised

Vampino Kirya is undecided on which side to stand but also in support of the battle. He believes that it brings progress to the music industry.

Roz Merie Atim, a vixen and choreographer, was quick to defend her boss Sheebah as she noted how Ugandan music fans are just hypocrites who roll with the hype but have no intention in supporting the ‘faded’ Cindy.

More and more reactions keep on coming in and we shall keep you updated. Keep it here!

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