In a way to try and look relevant on the entertainment scene, lost and now found singer Latinum has received harsh backlash from his followers for calling out A Pass to battle him.

Latinum came under fire having posted on his social media pages requesting A Pass to apologize to him within a period of 24 hours or else they meet at Kyadondo Grounds for a battle.

However, his followers did not want to listen to the story behind the post and immediately started off by bashing and tearing him into pieces as many mocked him on how he can not even battle Fresh Kid at the moment.

Below are some of the comments that we managed to get you as we scrolled through his comments section.

Mugerwa Ismael: ‘Naaa u can’t even battle fresh kid.gwe nange’, he started.

Tommy Lee Uganda ‘Now… this one won’t go viral… He wants the Fame but no one is gonna pay attention to this’, he added

Jona Blaze: ‘A Pass is ur father in muşic
A Pass is ur teacher
Ur just a pupil in music 
Go battle Fresh Kid’

Milly Nantume: ‘This week has BN busy like never before…. That said let’s address your issue sometime next week.. there4 wumuza engalabi yo younger’.

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