Spice Diana releases ‘Jangu Ondabe’ audio (Produced by Nessim)

Just after winning the 2018/19 Female Artist of the Year award at the recently concluded Zzina Awards, Spice Diana has dropped a new song titled ‘Jangu Ondabe‘.

By some margins, Spice Diana toppled all top Ugandan female artistes in 2018. With several hit songs, a sold out concert, and a few controversial twists, the songstress dominated the year.

It’s March and she already has a banger in ‘Bajikona‘. She looks forward to keeping her foot on the gas with yet another new song.

‘Jangu Ondabe’ is a Luganda phrase translated to mean ‘Come See Me’. It is a love song produced by Nessim Pan Production.

The video will be shot and released soon but for now, take a listen to the fresh audio below;

What do you think of the song?

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