On Monday, Ugandan MPs condemned the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs Hon. Nakiwala Kiyinji for failing to nurture the young talent in Fresh Kid when she instead urged him to stop singing.

While appearing on the One On One with Tamale Mirundi show on NBS TV today morning, the former Presidential Press Secretary maintained that minister was right.

In reply to the MPs who want the government to support Fresh Kid, Tamale said that the little boy is being used by his managers who have taken advantage of his parent’s weak financial position to make money off the kid.

He also does not believe that the youngest rapper composes the songs on his own but rather has mature people doing that task.

Fresh Kid is being used. There are other composers who write music for him to sing. If we locked him alone in a room would he come up with a song on his own?

Tamale Mirundi

Do you agree with Tamale?

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