Last Friday (29th March) Ykee Benda held a successful concert at Kampala Serena Hotel. We pick the positives and the negatives from the Singa concert.


Being his maiden concert, Ykee Benda must have felt the pressure even before he decided to pick a date in March to establish himself as a certified performer.

For the two years that he has been doing active music in the industry, Benda had only organized a listener’s party in 2018 which was an anti-climax.

Door to door sale of tickets. We could say that Ykee borrowed a few notes from Bebe Cool whom we have seen individually vending tickets to his shows.

The Singa singer as well took it upon himself to approach the influential figures in the country and many purchased tables at the event.

Sudhir’s son Rajiv Ruparelia, Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga, among other top figures, went ahead and found their way to Serena to support a friend.

Media tours and social media drive. Without these two, it wouldn’t have been possible for . His social media team and fans did a wonderful job to make sure his concert was trending on all platforms even before D-Day.

He visited a couple of TV and radio shows to call upon his fans to flock Serena and he told his story with each opportunity given. That won several hearts.

Stage management and the general organization at Serena Hotel seemed to have been a major focus for the Mpaka Records CEO. His management must have taken extra effort going through the drills to execute it to perfection.

Unlike several shows that you might have been to, it seemed like Ykee Benda’s fans had been hand selected before entering the venue. Everyone was dressed for the event, and we didn’t notice any problem as each located their seats with ease.

The stage was also perfectly managed. It was not littered like it usually is. Whoever made it to the platform knew what to do and that gave the main act enough space and time to execute his artistry.

If there is anything that caught our attention from the start then it was the ATTIRES. Designed by Mavo Kampala, Benda gave us enough to feed our eyes on with fashions out of the ordinary realms.

The angelic attire particularly blew away everyone’s mind. The reggae and cultural sessions also had some interesting styles.

Ykee Benda received massive support from fellow artistes straight from day one. Several were also seen at the venue on D-Day and even complimented his exceptional performance the next day.

The sound, lighting, performances, supporting acts – everyone did their job close to perfection and those who attended must have left with a lasting impression.


Time management seemed to be a tough zone for the singer. By midnight, he was still announcing that he had two more sets to perform. It felt as if his concert was cut short at 1:00 am as exhausted bodies found the exit.

Ykee Benda missed performing several of the fans’ favorite songs. As you found your exit from the venue, mutterings met you with several fans saying they didn’t get to watch him perform their favorites.

Honestly speaking, there were not many negatives and we congratulate Ykee Benda upon a successful maiden concert.

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