Nikita Pearl Waligwa, who acted as ‘Gloria’ in the widely sold out movie Queen of Katwe is reportedly battling a serious brain tumor.

The 14-year-old actress apparently needs urgent help as she can no longer sit on her own because her limbs cannot support her head anymore.

The tumor is reportedly big, leaving the actress in unbearable pain and out of school which has forced her mother to seek urgent help to take her to India for improved healthsare.

Nikita Pearl Maligwa and friends

It is said that Nikita was first diagnosed with the tumor in 2016. The doctors said that her tumor was located at a very delicate part of the brain.

Doctors at Platinum Hospital reported that part of the brain that got affected by the tumor is responsible for the movement of limbs, eyesight, and speech.

They hence her to India where she a surgery initially.

But shortly after, she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent two radiation procedures in July 2016 with the help of Rachel Asiimwe Waligwa.

In February 2017, she was declared cancer free, the same year that her mother was diagnosed with cancer but was given a life span of two months.

Fortunately enough, her mother is still breathing to-date.

The cry out now is to seek urgent help for the young actress because she is the future of Uganda.

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