Maureen Nantume hits studio with producer Crouch

Whenever a band musician links up with Jeeb Records’ producer Crouch, Uganda is blessed with beautiful sounds and we should get ready for a brand new project.

Golden Band songstress Maureen Nantume is working on a brand new song with the experienced music producer and she is certain it will be a hit song.

Producer Crouch

Crouch has worked with several famous artists in the industry and his works always crossover to both the younger and older generations.

With this new ‘heart soothing’ song (as described by Nantume), we are in for some good vibes especially knowing what a talent she is vocally.

C leanR ealistic O riginalA rtisticC reativeH onest.Creating a new hit doesn't need a melliunium.It just needs a good producer,and a natural voice.#New heart soothing song coming on board…Stay tuned#Mopix

Posted by Iam Maureen Nantume on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

We shall keep you updated as soon as it is released. Watch the space.

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