MC Kats breaks down as Fille celebrates 6 years in the music industry

Despite their personal relationship woes, MC Kats and Fille Mutoni took time off to celebrate as the latter made six years since she took on music as a career.

What were you doing six years ago?

Well, MC Kats was busy doing the makeup on Fille’s face as they shot the songstress’ video for her song titled ‘No Money‘.

Several years down the road a lot has happened and the two might not be the best of friends despite sharing a child.

That did not stop them from reminiscing what a hustle it was for both of them as they started working together on a career that has seen Fille rise to one of the most respectable artistes in Uganda today.

For the memories, Kats remembers how – on 13th April 2013 – he was the makeup artiste on set for his baby mama’s video and how they almost got arrested for illegally using someone’s posh house for the scenes.

Fille as well took it to her social media platforms to thank Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats for the great work he has put in to see her become a big force in the entertainment industry.

That’s good to see, isn’t it?

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