Just when you thought the beef within the music industry was starting to fade out, Team Good Music CEO Pallaso has reignited his differences with Gagamel boss Bebe Cool

On Saturday, our team visited Pallaso and had a conversation about several topics concerning his personal life and the music industry in general.

When asked to comment about Bebe Cool’s allegations that Chameleone doesn’t have the required qualifications to contest for the Lord Mayor seat in 2021, Pallaso had this to say;

“Chameleone has the necessary documents and education never ends. He can still go ahead and attain more education because 2021 is two years ahead of us.

But let’s say he did not have the required education documents, proper leadership is not based on levels of education. Chameleone understands the people he is going to lead and that’s what is important.”

Pallaso then advised Bebe Cool to stick to his lane and raise his children instead of getting involved in issues that do not concern him.

“I really don’t like attacking people but Bebe amuses me. He is so selfish, he only thinks of himself. He has never brought any artiste and supported them, he always fights them when they gain recognition.

He brought the Kiwoko Boys to fight fellow artists. He then introduced Rema and when she got married to Eddy Kenzo, it hurt him yet he has his own woman whom he has never wedded officially.

He talks so much about me and I wonder why. Your understanding is not the same as mine, your age is not the same as mine. My music is better than what you sing.

For the few years I’ve been around I’ve done so many things. Even the house you have was built for you, even when you fall sick people pay for your medical bills. We might end up sponsoring his wedding too and it’s what he is waiting for.

Bebe Cool, the world does not revolve around you. Raise and educate your kids so that their reasoning can be different from yours.”

Watch more of the interview below;

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