Amooti returns with ‘Ekizigo’ featuring Byaxy | AUDIO ALERT

Amooti Omubaanguzi is a legend in the Ugandan entertainment spheres, especially for his comic side. His first passion was music, however.

He has always made casual appearances in the music industry and has a couple of songs which he actually always performs during his comedy stints.

Byaxy, on the other hand, is a talented dancehall artist behind several hit songs including One Night Stand, Gwe Abisobola, Baliwa, Ebitala, among others.


The two link up on ‘Ekizigo (Pingu)’ – a dancehall song produced by Eno Beats which continues to express Amooti’s comical lyrics as they address the issue of bleaching among females.

Listen to the song below;

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