Well, calm down already. Spice Diana’s nudes are not yet leaked…and the keyword here is ‘yet’. Nonetheless, Ykee Benda cannot hide the excitement having known that they could be in our faces anytime soon.

Over the weekend, Source Entertainment songstress Spice Diana lost her phone to a thief who took advantage of a power blackout to snatch it from the singer’s grip during a performance.

The Bajikona singer alerted her fans as she noted that her phone had been snatched containing her nudes and hence they should not be surprised if they ever find her naked body anywhere online.

We had left it at that and decided to cross our fingers for the better but that does not seem like a shared thought with Ykee Benda.

The Mpaka Records CEO thanked the Lord for just the mere possibility that the nudes might find their way in his face and if we are to go by the replies on his tweet, his followers are not any different.

Be sure to catch them here as soon as they leak.

N.B: We’re not hoping for it however. Lol.

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