To some, this will come as good news and bad news to others but the battle between Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu is still very far from over at least according to A Pass.

From one party categorizing the other as a dummy to a retaliation urging the showing off of wealth, the battle between two of Uganda’s top divas raised eyebrows a few months ago.

Cindy Sanyu

Despite Cindy’s constant poking, Sheebah and her team seemed to have swallowed humble pie to settle for the ‘no billion, no battle‘ excuse.

Well, not anymore.

When Sheebah said that she was deciding to avoid the battle and concentrate on doing more music, she meant that she was gonna do everything possible to lay her wrath on Cindy, musically.


She has already shown signs of what she meant after she released behind the scenes photos of her new videoshoot.

In one of the photos, Sheebah is comfortably seated on a vintage car with personalized license plates reading ‘KING’.

Many music critics have already interpreted the photo to mean that Cindy is like the old car which Sheebah is seated on.

The ‘KING’ on the license plates is also supposedly meant to mock Cindy who has for several years proclaimed herself as the ‘King Herself’.

Upon landing on this photo, A Pass raised the alarm on his social media pages alerting Cindy that she was wrong if she really thought the battle was never gonna happen.

Well, we are back to square one.

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