Celebrities took center stage in the demonstrations that took place on Wednesday against the OTT tax.

Earlier today morning, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine was arrested by security personnel as he made his way to One Love Beach in Busabala.

This came a day after Uganda Police issued a statement suspending all shows that the singer was supposed to perform at with fears of them turning into political rallies.

Bobi Wine, together with his team, went ahead and found their way to Busabala today morning before police broke the windows of the car in which they were traveling to arrest the Kyarenga singer.

He was later returned to his home where he called up a presser to explain what really happened after he was whisked away from Busabala.

Bobi also promised to organize peaceful demonstrations in the coming days against police and the regime in power for intentionally frustrating his work.

Fellow singer Alexander Bagonza, commonly known as A Pass, also added his voice to several others in condemning the act of refusing Bobi Wine to hold concerts to exercise his rights to work like any other Ugandan citizen.

A Pass notes that Bobi is a family man who is expected to take care of his family and hence has to work because it is his right.

He believes that some things have to change within Uganda so that everyone can enjoy their rights without being oppressed.

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