For the umpteenth time, the celebrity power couple of Eddy Kenzo and Rema Namakulu proved that they are still a hot item despite being rumored to have fallen out.

The proof was made over Easter Sunday as the Sili Muyembe singer shared a photo on her socials while having a cup of evening tea together with her family and captioned it, “Easter goodness with family”.

But the photo sparked mixed hilarious reviews from their followers and below are some of the reactions that we managed to scroll through.

Namaganda Evelyn Phoebe You need to thank us facebook in-laws because we played a great role for you guys to come together.

Karungi Zakia Muhammudu Wat happened to Kenzo’s eyes???..then the jacket???….tht guy shows inti omwesibako bwesibi..I xpect him to b in a vest ,shorts.. Like real feeling his is the head of the family..Guy Is in Jackets ,Shades asif gate keeper who has just been called to pick his cup of porridge…..

Jozelha Akaliait Kyoka i have been insulting Kenzo for you. Imagine he even blocked me nga nkulwanilila naye Rema okinkoze. Nenkuvumila ne Lydia Jazmine naye namblokinga….Kale gwe.

Dorothy Shavie Kati ate bino byebatugamba mbu Rema yanobera enamugongo byebiki??? Kati lyaki mwatulinda netwasama nga temutulabula

Sophie Thefirst Y’all don’t know the art of advertising. You can’t see they are advertising porridge, and them being together will make rounds on social media hence a huge audience. My analysis henewe. That aside, why is Kenzo putting on dark sheds while inside house? Isn’t he supposed to feel at home?

Mariam Mirembe I don’t knw y am so excited to the extent of switching off ma Tv Jst to see these pics clearly. What God has put together no man can separate.

PaTex RightMan Kenzo will eat your beans Tonight

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