Again, Luga-Flo rapper Gereson Wabuyu alias Gravity Omutujju’s has grabbed the news headlines for his violent conduct after launching a series of punches at a reveler whom he alleged to be a thief.

The act took place on Easter Sunday while the rapper was performing at Entebbe road based Freedom City Hall.

In a video shared on his socials, the Ekyakuzaala Kyekilikuta singer is seen descending into the excited crowd as a number of revelers gang up around him amidst loud cheers.

Suddenly, Gravity just turns around and launches quite a number of punches on one of the fans who then disappears in thin air.

Gravity later on came out and revealed that he had to discipline the man because he was trying to snatch his bling.

Yesterday at freedom city, I had to discipline a fool who was trying to steal my chains. Banange my fellow youth stealing is a bad thing. Please mugende mukole.


Since the year began, Gravity’s name has been at the center of controversies involving fights with fellow entertainers and now a reveler.

Was he right to act in such a violent manner even if he argues that it was in self defense?

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