A seemingly bitter fan has launched a scorching attack on Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah Karungi over her ‘men are not worthy of fighting for’ comments.

The angry fan, whom we got to know by one of her names – Katrina, launched the attack on Sheebah after last Monday’s Silwana song premiere at Club Guvnor.

The TNS singer bragged about how she has never and will never fight for a man and as well advised fellow women never to fight for men.

Her comments got to Katrina after the boyfriend she had moved out with only bought her two bottles of beer and stopped on those after Sheebah’s comments.

This left Katrina pissed as she sent out a stern warning to Sheebah, advising her to market her song in a proper way.

Sheebah’s comments also left her questioning whether she was advocating for homosexuality something that she is still puzzled about up to date.

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