Baguma Crescent a.k.a Beenie Gunter is one of the biggest dancehall artistes in Uganda today. Most of his fans also fall for his looks. He talked to us about his fashion sense and how he maintains a healthy body.

Looking through the Ugandan entertainment industry leaves most of us disappointed when it comes to good looks, fashion, healthy bodies and all – and this goes for both sexes.

Most celebrities have not found the real purpose of being smart and maintaining that celebrity appeal and they end up looking like any other common man.

You must be wondering if it is really important for celebrities to take extra care with their grooming on a daily basis. Someone else must be asking how exactly they should do that.

Well, Ugandan dancehall sensation Beenie Gunter is among the few who stand out and he shared a few tips about his fashion and workouts to keep a fit and healthy body;

This (fashion) has something to do with my personality. I love to look smart, it is something part of me. I don’t know whether I overdo it but whenever I look in my wardrobe, I pick out something nice. I don’t have anything bad in my wardrobe.

I think, for an artist, you’re supposed to look like a star. You’re supposed to be a star unless it’s confusion that you have in your head whether you’re a singer, an artist, a star, or just a normal person – according to the brand you have.

About working out, Beenie had this to say;

My work is using the brain, so how do you feed the brain? You have to keep your brain at work 24/7. For any person, you’re supposed to sweat some things out of your body.

If you live for a week without sweating, you’re keeping toxic things in your body and you may find me like at the age of thirty when am already worn-out yet I intend to do this for a long time.

Beenie Gunter

He revealed this during an exclusive interview with this website. Watch more of the interview below;

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