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Like husband, like wife… Allow us to change that phrase for a moment. Zuena Kirema has dropped a Bebe Cool-like statement about why her baking business is prospering.

Since its inception many years ago, Zuena’s cake business has faced criticism from several people, most of whom are her husband’s haters – obviously.

Just a few weeks ago, she opened up a branch on Kiwatule Rd. which drew instant negative reactions from many critics including Bad Black who asserted that it is too small and unclassy for a lady of her stature.

While speaking to Spark TV, Zuena revealed that she is aware of the love and hate surrounding her and she is grateful for both.

She further noted that the hate and criticism which she has received over her cake business has actually fueled its fast growth and success.

My business is doing good, it is prosperous. When people abused me, it even became more successful. I have many people that love me and those that don’t like me too but they all help my business to keep growing.

What really matters is the truth. I have clients who know me, the hygiene of the place, the comfortability of the location. So there are people I know who will give me business regardless of what is said.

Most of these people who criticize me are just on Facebook, idle, they don’t have what to do but the ones that buy (my cakes) are not of the same character.

Zuena Kirema

Talk about birds of a feather. She sounded so much like Bebe Cool there, didn’t she? She’s right though and we wish her the very best.

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