Daddy Andre, Ace B and Shena Skies serve ‘Tomato Juice’ | VIDEO ALERT

Daddy Andre continues to introduce fresh talent onto the music scene as he features Ace B and Shena Skies on ‘Tomato Juice’. Watch the video here first:

Shena Skies is a dancehall and R&B songstress and writer. She has a couple of songs to her name but has not yet made it on the biggest music scene in the country.

Lesser is known of Ace B but his rap and dancehall skills on this new song leave signs that he is a huge prospect for the future.

Like most of Daddy Andre’s songs, ‘Tomato Juice’ possesses that good sound and a chorus that make you want to sing along to but it ends seemingly prematurely.

The song was produced by Daddy Andre himself. Watch the video below;

What do you think of the song?

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