Lately, Irene Ntale has become a victim of her own circumstances in regards to the comments and statements she makes especially on social media.

The Twitter streets always seem to give her bitter reactions whenever she roams on them and this time, she faced it rough with a couple of deejays for questioning their profession.

On 16th May, the former Swangz Avenue songstress ran to her Twitter account to ask why DJs get angry when you ask them to play you a particular song.

We are not sure if she was directing the question to a particular deejay but it seems to have come off too strong for a couple of Ugandan deejays including a one DJ Ciza who retaliated with some strong statements.

The Radiocity 97FM deejay quoted Ntale’s tweet whilst questioning why at her age, she asked to perform a particular song which wasn’t in the rehearsed set at her concert.

Seemingly frozen; either lost for words, or gobsmacked by the retaliation, Irene Ntale replied with a mere “Thanks sir.”

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